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How to select the right tenant

Larnio Property prides itself on its careful and considered selection approval process and on its ability to choose the best person for each individual property. 

Tenant selection is the most important aspect of the property management process. Selecting the wrong tenant can cost you thousands of dollars and cause unnecessary stress down the line. The key to finding the right tenant lies not only in finding someone who is financially capable of repaying the rental income, but also someone who is a suitable mix for the type of property on offer.

Happy tenants who are content with the property on offer also makes for happy landlords. The benefits of finding the right tenant can usually mean long-term continuity of tenants and can save the landlord hundreds of dollars in re-letting expenses and alterations. 

Larnio Property offers:

  1. Background checks on publicly available information

  2. Rental History, character and employment checks 

  3. 100 points of identification

  4. National Tenancy Database Checks

A property manager who understands the importance of this process and who takes the time to ensure that all checks are completed, will equate to a stress-free tenancy.

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